Take me to the club I need to dance, I need to dance.

LMFAO - 18 feb

We eat em' up
We swall'em down
We spit em' out

I've got a empty cup, pour me some more

So I can go until I blow up
And I can drink until I throw up
And I don't ever ever want to grow up
I wanna keep it going, keep keep it going


We freakin' this ain't cheatin' as long as we tell nobody

Where's your head at?


A heavy bass line is my kind of silence

Tomorrow can wait

Live life given now, tomorrow can wait
Dance all through the night, sleeping all day
Stuck inside a box, you gotta get out
Stand up, get up, live your life now, come on

Sad because it's true

Viam inveniam aut faciam


It literally just happened

Just one look at you And I can tell that we click so perfectly
But how can I put into words, the way you make me feel inside
Butterflies, goosebumps, euphoria. Putting my emotions to work

Bang bang i shot you down



And it feels like yesterday, it was just a dream.
Those days are gone, and just memories.


What the heart once owned, it shall never loose

Happiness is only real when shared

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